First Set of 2008 Trail Cam Pics
(We counted at least seven different bucks in 110
pictures over two weeks from July 12 - 26)
This is a three-pointer if you count the brow tine on
the deer's right side.  Maybe still growing?  
Pretty 6-pointer.  We must have twenty pictures of
this deer from all angles and all times of day.
Two shots of a one-sided, gnarly, non-typical deer
with a notch in his left ear.  Might be a 10-ptr, but an
ugly one for sure.
Two shots of a two-sided, gnarly, non-typical deer.  
Seems unusual to have two deer with such odd
racks?  There is a second buck in the lower picture,
but he could be the same 3-ptr as in the first
picture?  I have not counted him in the seven.
Two shots of a very pretty 6-ptr.  Higher and wider
than the earlier six.  
I'm calling this a 9-ptr.  That counts the little point at
the end of the buck's left main beam.  Short tines,
but maybe decent width.  Only one pic of this deer -
perhaps he was just passing through.  
The last pic on the camera.  He's a little far away, but look
closely and he's easily the biggest of them all.  Probably an
8-ptr.  Definitely a wall-hanger for me.  Let's hope we get a
close-up of him in the next two weeks!
Two pics of an amazing deer that walks upright!  You can
see in the second picture that it's obviously a buck.  I think
the 6-ptr in the first pic is the same one from the earlier
picture.  I have no idea what the rack of the upright deer
looks like.