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Buggs Island Lake Overview
Buggs Island Lake (a.k.a. Kerr Lake) is a 48,900 acre reservoir that straddles the
Virginia/North Carolina border.  The states have a reciprocal license agreement,
so either a VA or NC license is valid throughout the entire lake.  Buggs Island is
home to one of the premier largemouth bass fisheries in the country, and a superb
crappie fishery.  Striped bass, white perch, white bass, channel catfish, and
increasingly flathead catfish are available.  It is one of the few lakes in the country
where landlocked striped bass successfully spawn.  Lake levels fluctuate and can
have a dramatic effect on the fishing.  Although pleasure boat traffic is noticeable
on warm weekends, anglers should not have any trouble find a quiet spot to fish.  A
good lake map is essential as it is easy to get disoriented on this sprawling lake.
August 4, 2012:   Bob Cat's Lake Country Store, (434) 374-8381. Taken from
Bob's website and the VDGIF Outdoor Report.

Bobby Whitlow reports that the bass have gone deep, so try plastics in green
pumpkin or cranks. The fish should be hanging out 15 to 20 ft. down. Crappie are
about 15 to 30 ft. down near brush and bridge pilings. Not many crappie have
been landed lately, but those that have been were good sized. The slabs will take
minnows and jigs. Cat action is fair, with cut bait and live shad and bream proving
effective. No word on bluegill. White perch can be had off points with minnows
and jigging spoons. The water is clear and in the upper 80s.

Eddie Griggs of Virginia Elite Outdoors Guide Service provided the following Bass
Fishing Report on June 5, 2011.  Visit Eddie at

Only got out a 1/2 day here this week. But new clients Jim & Pete Fergusan had a
great morning. The topwater bite was fair, catching a few on a Zara Spook, but the
action heated up fishing channel swing points with football head jigs in 12 - 13 ft
of water. The guys boated 19 keepers before 10am, with a couple in the 3 pound
range. The tail end of the shad spawn is still there, but the blue backs have yet to
do there thing, so I expect the topwater action do get really heated in the next week
or so.
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Largemouth Bass:  Largemouth bass in the 2-4 lb range are common; however,
trophy fish over 8 lbs are rare.  In the spring, water levels typically rise and flood
shoreline willow and sweet gum trees.  During these times, focus on the flooded
plastics and topwater lures can work.  Creature baits and senko-type baits are
good choices.  Make long casts to avoid spooking fish.  In the summer and winter,
work the creek channels in tributaries such as Butcher, Grassy, Nutbush, and
Eastland creeks.  Carolina rigged plastics and 1/2 - 3/4 ounce jigs should do the

Striped Bass:  The striped bass fishing, although not comparable to Smith
Mountain Lake, can be quite good.  Although the fish reproduce successfully, the
VDGIF has started stocking 350,000 fish annually.  In the spring, the stripers head
to the upper end of the lake and the river above the lake to spawn.  Warm summer
waters force the striped bass to the lower end of the lake - typically between Buoy 9
and the dam and also near the mouth of Nutbush creek.  Fall and winter fishing is
normally best between Goat Island and the Clarksville bridge.  Live bait, especially
4" - 6" gizzard and threadfin shad caught with a cast net work well.  Slow trolling live
bait or white/chartruese bucktails tipped with a white shad body or grub over points
can produce.  Other options include trolling silver buddys or deep-diving (20'+)

Crappie:  The crappie fishing at Buggs Island is second-to-none in the
Commonwealth in terms of both quality and quantity.  Small minnows, small jigs
(can be tipped with minnows), and tubes can all produce.  Slow-trolling creek
channels is a good way to locate fish, and then anchor and load the boat once the
fish are located.
Buggs Island Fishing Report - Kerr Lake Fishing Report
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Camping and Lodging:
North Bend Park Campground:  (434) 738-6143
Best Western on the Lake:  (434) 374-5023
Lake Motel and Efficiencies:  (434) 374-8106

Clarksville Marina:  (434) 374-8501

Public boat ramps are available at:
Occoneechee State Park, Hwy 58:  (434) 374-2210
Bluestone Landing, Hwy 15
Rudds Creek Recreation Area, Hwy 58:  (434) 738-6827
Longwood Recreation Area, Hwy 15:  (434) 374-2711
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