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Lake Anna citation striper caught with Jim
Hemby - July 2006
Bob Hargis and friends with stripers and
catfish caught with Jim Hemby of Lake
Anna Striper Guide Service
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Lake Anna Overview
Lake Anna is a 9,600 acre impoundment located in the Northern Piedmont region.  
It provides cooling water for the North Anna Nuclear Power Station.  It is renowned
for its largemouth bass fishing and also offers excellent opportunities for
landlocked striped bass and crappie.  It provides the best trophy largemouth bass
fishing of any of the major reservoirs in the state.  Numerous citation fish (over 8
lbs) are caught each year and 10 lb fish are possible (an 11 lb 8 oz fish was
caught in 2003 and the lake record is 13 lbs).  Due to its proximity to major
population centers (Northern VA and Richmond), the pleasure boat traffic is very
heavy during the summer months; however, fishing is still enjoyable from daylight
until around 11 am on summer weekends.  
Jim Hemby of Lake Anna Striper Guide Service provided the following Fishing
Report for
August 2012.  Visit Jim at  www.jimhemby.com  or call 540-967-3313.

  STRIPERS:  Summer patterns will continue through this month with plenty of
schools roaming the main lake regions of the lake. Towards the end of the month
there will be a bait migration to the backs of the creeks and the Stripers will turn
on in very shallow water. There has not been a lot of surface action this year due
to the extreme amount of bait that is in the lake due to the warm winter we had last
year. Your depth finder will be the key in locating the schools which are holding
primarily over 25 to 35 foot flats. Anglers trolling deep diving Redfins in the color
CD917 [Sold only at High Point Marina] are catching plenty of fish up to 25 fish per
morning. About a quarter of the fish are legal keepers. Occasionally in low light
times of the day smaller Stripers will chase bait to the surface where top water
baits like Spooks, Pencil Poppers and Pop R’s attract vicious strikes. Stripers are
moving into the current at the third dike and will also feed on the top water baits
well. As the fish move into the backs of creeks swim baits work well especially the
Sea Shad and Sassy Shad worked on 3/8 to ½ oz heads. Top water Redfins also
will take the larger Stripers waked across the surface.
 Still the best catches have been and will continue to come on live bait. Stripers
are feeding heavily on Herring when they are schooled and it is not uncommon to
take a couple hundred hit’s a morning fishing Herring on downlines. When the
fish feed shallower Gizzard Shad pulled behind Water Bugz planner boards will
produce the larger fish this month. When the dog days of August prove
challenging to artificial bait fisherman switching over to live bait usually puts fish
in the boat. To view what we are catching visit my journal at www.JimHemby.com.

  BASS : The beginning of the month you can find the bass still relating to deeper
structures where bait is present still in a summer pattern. Mainlake points,
humps, roadbeds,  brush and rock piles and bridges hold the bass now with
numerous techniques catching fish. Deep diving crankbaits are working well
along with jigs tipped with worms. Bass are being caught on the top of roadbeds
in 22' of water [208 bridge], on 20' ledges in Rose Valley, on top in the mouth of
Contrary over schools of small Threadfin Shad,  over the older fish structures that
were  put into the lake years ago, and all the uplake  bridges. Marina docks are
also holding nice Bass. Towards the later part of the month the Bass can be
caught in the back of the creeks on humps, roadbeds, rocks and ledges and the
fish will move extremely shallow up the rivers and uplake creeks. Small shallow
running crankbaits worked near stumps next to the shallow channels will put nice
fish in the boat. Topwater baits will also catch nice bass in low light times of the

  CRAPPIE: Plenty of Crappie holding on all the bridge pilings uplake and on
brush piles in 10 to 20 feet of water. Very nice Crappie are being caught on docks
that have lights on them at night. Uplake the Crappie are moving back up under
shallower docks with structure or brush under the docks.

  CATFISH: The Cats love this water temperature and can be caught basically
everywhere there is bait present. Work areas less than 25 feet deep and use your
favorite bait. Live bait has been producing some larger than normal Catfish fished
near the bottom over 25 foot flats.
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Largemouth Bass:  February - April provide the best chance at a trophy; however,
the bass fishing is normally good throughout the year.  In the summer months,
bass congregate at predictable locations near structure.  These areas may  be
fished slowly and methodically.  Deep diving crankbaits and Carolina and Texas
rigged plastics work well.  During the spring and fall, it is important to cover more
water.  The lake is heavily developed.  Flipping and skipping soft plastics around
boat docks is always a good bet - especially for newcomers to the lake - and the
water willow beds in the mid-lake region and North Anna arms are worth a try with
spinnerbaits and weightless plastics.  Uplake (above the "Splits" area where the
North Anna and Pamunkey arms come together) typically has stained water while
the water becomes increasingly clear moving downlake.  The uplake region has
the highest density of bass and crappie.

Striped Bass:  Several hundred thousand fingerling striped bass are stocked each
year.  The striper fishing continues to improve and attract more anglers.  In the
spring and fall, the stripers move uplake where they may be targeted by casting
swim baits (Sassy Shad, Shad Assassin, Storm Lures).  In the summer months,
the fish are most commonly targeted in the mid-lake region using live bait and
trolling deep-diving crankbaits (Cordell Redfins and Norman DD-22s).  Live bait
may be caught using a cast net.  An easier choice is purchasing jumbo minnows
sold by the major marinas on the lake.  Throughout the year, low light conditions
(dawn, dusk, overcast days) are the best times to fish.
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Great catch of stripers and a citation
largemouth by clients of Jim Hemby in
April 2008
Beautiful 21 lb striper caught by client of
Jim Hemby on April 3, 2007
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Marinas and Boat Ramps:
Sturgeon Creek Marina:  (540) 895-5095
Anna Point Marina:  (540) 895-5900
High Point Marina: (540) 895-5249
Hunter's Landing: (540) 854-5756
Lake Anna State Park (Boat Launch, Swimming, Picnic Area):  (540) 854-5503

Camping and Lodging:
Christopher Run Campground: (540) 894-4744
Lighthouse Inn:  (540) 895-5249
Owen Burkholder with a 16", 2.5 lb citation
crappie caught April 5, 2008
Steve Will with a 30" striper caught April 5,