Lake Chesdin Overview
Lake Chesdin is conveniently located near Richmond in central VA along the
Chesterfield - Dinwiddie County line.  The reservoir is an impoundment of the
Appomattox River created by Brasfield Dam.  At 3,100 acres, there is room to roam
in search of a wide variety of fish species, including largemouth bass, both black
and white crappie, channel catfish, and modest populations of walleye and striped
bass.  A fish lift to give anadromous fish like shad and herring access to the upper
river is in place, so look for increasing spring migrations of these fish.  
July 21, 2009:  Eddie Griggs of Virginia Elite Outdoors Guide Service provided the
following Fishing Report.  Visit Eddie at

We are beating the pleasure boat traffic by either fishing the week days or if we
have to fish the weekends, then getting out and coming in early. The topwater bite
here remains consistently good. We are using a 1 - 2 punch on the main lake
grass by working ZARA SPOOKS on the grass line and throwing white 1/2oz  
BOOHYA Buzzbait up in the grass. After the topwater bite slows, we switch gears
and catch them on carolina rigged plastics and deep diving crankbaits like the
BOMBER Fat Free Shad or DD-22. Most of the deeper fish are coming in the
13-16 ft. range on main lake points in the mid-lake area. Water temps. Are in the
low-mid 80's.
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Fishing Lake Chesdin
good.  Largemouth in the 2-4 lb range are common and fish over 20" are present.  
As in most of the state, the fish move into the shallows as the water warms in late
March and April.  During these times, focus on creeks and coves.  The heavy inflow
of the Appomattox River often dictates the best fishing tactics since a decent rain
can color the water in a hurry.  When the water is stained, turn to larger, noisier
lures like 1/2 ounce spinnerbaits and wide-wobbling crankbaits in colors like
(worms, lizards, tubes) in natural colors like pumpkinseed will do the trick.  Find
fairly steep banks, points, and dropoffs where you can hold the boat in 10' - 20' of
water and cast to shallow water.  Work the carolina rig down these dropoffs and
you should get strikes year-round.  The population in Lake Chesdin is not as
dense as some lakes, so cover water quickly to find active fish.  

Crappie:  The crappie fishery (both black and white are present) is quite good at
Chesdin; however, competition from an expanding white perch population may be
stunting their growth a bit.  Crappie up to 10 inches are not uncommon and the
occasional white perch is also good for the table.  Trolling is the right way to locate
crappie most of the year - no doubt about it.  Put out several rods with 1-2" grubs
on 1/16 to 1/32 oz jigheads and troll slowly in 10-20 feet of water.  Our old reliable
chartreuse/black and smoke colored triple tail grubs are an excellent choice.  A
good fishfinder can also help locate good areas, but trolling until active fish are
found is a good way to start.  After fish are located, consider switching to small
minnows to help load the cooler.  

Channel Catfish:  The crown jewel of Chesdin's fish species is the often
underappreciated channel catfish.  These fish are plentiful and readily caught even
when the lake is muddied after heavy rains.  Chicken livers, nightcrawlers, and
medium minnows fished along steep banks and dropoffs work well during the day
and at night.  Fish up to 6 lbs are common, but good-eating 2-4 lb fish will make up
most of the catch.

Others:  Walleye and striped bass are stocked annually in Chesdin and
citation-sized fish are available of both species; however, these species support
very small fisheries.  A few anglers target stripers while the majority of the walleye
that are caught are bycatch of crappie and bass anglers.
Lake Chesdin Fishing Report
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Cozy Cove Marina:  (804) 265-9000
Whippernock Marina and Campground:  (804) 265-5252
Seven Springs Marina and Store:  (804) 590-3671

There is also a free public boat ramp and pier located near the dam.
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