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Lake Frederick Overview
Lake Frederick is a 117-acre lake five miles north of Front Royal, VA.  It has a boat
ramp, fishing pier, concession, and good shoreline access.  It is home to
largemouth bass, black crappie, bluegill, walleye, channel catfish, and northern
pike.  It is unquestionably the best trophy largemouth lake in the Shenandoah
Valley.  Six bass over 10 lbs have been registered since 2000, including an 11 lb
14 oz lunker in 2004.  Channel catfish, walleye, and pike are stocked annually.  
Gas engines are not permitted.  The lake is clear throughout the year, which can
make fishing tough, but the overall quality of fish is excellent.  
Jeff Wolf at Wolf's Minnow Bucket at Lake Frederick (540-869-1104) reports that
after an unexplained lull in late June, the fishing in July has been very good.  
Particularly impressive is an availability of midsummer trophy largemouth.  
Noteworthy recent catches include an 8 lb 9 oz and an 8 lb 6 oz largemouth plus
many fish between six and eight pounds.  Techniques have varied for these big
bass from live minnows to jigs to spinnerbaits.  Key structures during the day
have been in 10' - 15' of water with some fish moving shallower in low light

Catfish and bluegill fishing have also been excellent with good quality fish of both
species coming to the scales.  

A few small pike have been caught, but the bite has been very slow for walleye
and pike.   
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Fishing Lake Frederick
Largemouth Bass:  The largemouth bass fishing at Lake Frederick is excellent.  
Fish in the 12" - 18" range are not uncommon, and trophy fish are possible.  Small
crappie and bluegill are a big part of the bass diet, so small crankbaits in colors
that imitate these forage fish are a good choice.  Bass often suspend in the
submerged standing timber that surrounds much of the shoreline.  Pursuing these
bass is a trade-off between lighter line, which is better for fishing the clear water,
and heavier line, which is better for wrestling big fish out of the timber.  Consider a
heavier rig with fluorocarbon leader.  Plastics in natural colors (pumpkinseed,
watermelonseed) in the 4"-6" range are a good way to probe the timber.  Fishing
the edges of vegetation (coontail) is also a good option.

Crappie:  Crappie are abundant in Lake Frederick and feed aggressively, but they
are not huge.  Fish in the 7"-9" range are common.  Fishing around the dam and
the fishing pier with minnows and small jigs is effective -especially in spring.  The
fishing pier is surrounded by sunken Christmas trees, which attract all species of

Sunfish/Bluegill:  Lake Frederick has a good population of sunfish with an
excellent size structure due to bass predation.  It is the only lake in the region that
regularly produces citation sunfish.  Live crickets and red wigglers work well in
much of the same structure that holds crappie.
Lake Frederick Fishing Report - July 21,  2009
Lake Frederick Catches - A Largemouth and a 4 lb 3 oz Walleye!
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