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Lake Gaston Overview
Located just below Buggs Island Lake (aka Kerr Reservoir) is Lake Gaston.  
Although it is primarily in North Carolina, a portion of Gaston lies in Brunswick
County, Virginia.  Fortunately for Virginia anglers, a VA fishing license is good
throughout the lake.  Gaston covers over 20,000 acres and includes 350 miles of
shoreline.  It offers excellent fishing, wildlife viewing, and recreational boating
opportunities.  Lake Gaston is heavily developed, with over 150,000 residents, and
it can get crowded on weekend afternoons.  However, anglers can usually find
some peaceful fishing for a few hours in the mornings even on busy weekends.  
Unlike some large reservoirs devoid of visible structure, plentiful boat docks and
aquatic vegetation (including hydrilla) allow newcomers to Gaston to start fishing
right away without spending hours or even days looking for submerged
fish-holding structure.  Fish species include largemouth bass, striped bass,
crappie, walleye, channel catfish, blue catfish, bluegill, and chain pickerel.  
May 1, 2011:  Eddie Griggs of Virginia Elite Outdoors Guide Service provided the
following Fishing Report.  Visit Eddie at

It's all about the spawn and different phases right now. You can catch them about
any way you want in the shallows. Buzzbaits and poppers have been good in low
light conditions around shallow grass and stumps. Jigs and whacky rigged
plastics are mopping them up around docks, and any type of creature bait around
stumps will catch the spawners. Water clarity ranges from slighty stained up lake
to clear down lake. Water temps are in the low to mid 70's. For the next month,
Gaston will be the prime target for SuperSized bucketmouths.

July 25, 2012:  Holly Grove Marina (434) 636-3455. Craig Karpinski reports that
bass fishing is good early and late and at night. Early and late try top-waters,
during the day drop down 8 to 10 ft. and use a Carolina rig. At night, use black
buzzbaits and top-waters. Crappie are down about 20 ft., and may go for minnows
and jigs. Many cats are brought to boat with clam snouts, chicken livers and bait
shrimp. Local bluegill anglers are having a great time on the dock, with red
worms being the bait of choice. The water is clear and 86 degrees.
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Largemouth Bass:  Lake Gaston is a power fisherman's dream.  Especially in the
springtime, flipping and pitching heavy, dark-colored jigs and creature baits in the
to mid-May when pre-spawn females over 7 pounds are possible.  Flipping,
pitching, and skipping a variety of soft plastics in natural colors around boat docks
is also reliable this time of year.  As aforementioned, the availability of visible
fish-holding structure is a great benefit to newcomers.  Backing off the visible
structure and slow rolling big spinnerbaits and/or pulling crankbaits across points
where pre- and post-spawn bass stage is also a productive pattern that lasts from
late February well into June.  

Striped Bass:  The most reliable striped bass fishing occurs every spring in the the
dam is action-packed.  Soft plastic swimbaits, large flukes, and bucktails will do
the trick.  Other times of the year require familiar landlocked freshwater striper
fishing tactics.  Live bait spreads on downlines and planer boards are the most
efficient way to catch a limit, but this method requires catching live bait and keeping
it alive.  Large jigging spoons fished over summer schools are effective.  At dawn,
dusk, and on cloudy days feeding fish will surface and can be caught using a
variety of topwater lures and swimbaits.  

Crappie:  Crappie are plentiful though the size structure is a notch below what is
generally found on Kerr Reservoir.  Trolling with spider rigs is an excellent way to
cover open water and find pre- and post-spawn crappie.  During the spring and fall,
fishing small jigs and tube baits around boat docks is highly effective.  Keep an
eye on the fishfinder and identify sunken fish attractors placed by dock owners for a
chance at less-pressured fish.  A cooler full of crappie can usually be had by
anglers will to put in a full day of fishing.  
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Marinas and Boat Ramps:
Eaton Ferry at Lake Gaston: (252) 586-4661
Poplar Creek Marina at Lake Gaston: (434) 636-2175
Americamps near Poplar Creek at Lake Gaston: (434) 636-2668        
Lake Gaston Resort:  (804) 577-2935
Outdoor World at Lake Gaston:  (252) 586-4121     
Washburn's Marina at Lake Gaston:  (252) 537-1335
Southpointe Marina:  (252) 586-7547

Public Boat Landings at Lake Gaston (VDGIF):
Pea Hill
Poplar Creek
Steel Bridge