High-Quality Hunting and Fishing Equipment from Virginia Companies
Ever get tired of fishing with the same old lures from the big-box stores?  Does that
turkey call made overseas that you bought in a department store not quite sound
right to you?  Fortunately, a surprising number of Virginia-based companies make
high-quality, custom outdoor gear that can give you an edge on the competition.  If
nothing else, you can add some variety to your tackle box or spend a little extra to
give yourself a better chance at that trophy buck or mature gobbler - all while
supporting companies based here in Virginia and the surrounding area.  Aware of
a company that we missed?  These listings are free, so send the contact
information to
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Virginia-Made Hunting and Fishing Gear
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Ruckersville, VA
Fishing Equipment
KipperSticks Custom Rods:  Stuarts Draft, VA.  Telephone:  (540) 649-2393
"What Part of Custom Don't You Understand?"  Learn more at

T&L Tackle:  Petersburg, VA.   Telephone:  (804) 863-2098
Features custom plastics...
The Cactus Worm and The Primo.  Also sell a variety of
other tackle online at

Richardson Baits:  Pulaski, VA.  Telephone:  (540) 239-5968
Custom hand tied jigs and hand poured and painted jig heads and other baits.  
Shop online at

The Wright Bait Company:  New Kent, VA.  Telephone: (804) 932-5005
One and two inch curly tail crappie jigs and crappie tubes.

Jasper Lures:  Fancy Gap, VA.  
Hand tied, top quality worm harnesses and spinners, including signature line of
"Red Eye" spinners.  Shop online at

Pro's Soft~Bait Glue:  Ashland, VA.  Telephone:  (804) 798-5225
Soft~Bait glue repairs tears on soft plastic baits in seconds.  For fresh and salt
water.  Visit

Worminator Lures:  Tidewater area.  Telephone:  (757) 436-1934
Custom hand-poured lures from finesse worms, creature baits, and jig trailers to
larger baits to target trophy fish.  Available in a wide range of colors.  Shop online at

Bud's Hellgramites:  Clarksville, VA.  Telephone:  (434) 374-0348
Soft plastic lures that imitate hellgramites, mad toms, and other less common, but
effective, creatures.  Contact information is online at

The Krank Bait:  Wayne Nugent, Fishing VA Guide Service
Telephone:  (804) 796-3926
Premium poppers and lipless crankbaits.

Case Plastics:  Lake Country, VA.  Telephone:  (434) 374-0355
A wide variety of soft plastics for almost all freshwater species.  Available at many
bait and tackle shops around the state and online at

Swede's Lures:  Windsor, VA.  Telephone: (757) 242-3037
Premium saltwater lures, including the flagship Mojo lure.  Available at a variety of
online shopping sites.

June Bug Tackle:  Baltimore, MD (close enough!).  Telephone:  (410) 644-4855
Custom made bucktails and other striper fishing lures available online at

Howard Films:  UVA graduate Jamie Howard's film company.  Award-winning  
fishing films, including
Chasing Silver, featured on Versus and other networks.  
Hunting and Camping Equipment
A complete line of wooden game calls made by Amish craftsmen.  Calls for turkey,
deer, goose, elk, etc.  Call or visit:

Watkins Duck Calls:  Bull Island, VA.  Telephone:   (757) 812-3183
Wood and acrylic duck calls.  Collector grade duck calls.  Shop and order online at

Fantomb Calls:  Central VA.  Telephone:   (877) FANTOMB
Handmade, premium turkey calls in a variety of styles (trough, striker, etc.).  Shop
and order online at

Close Calls:  Eastern Shore of MD.  Telephone: (410) 778-4746
Custom made turkey, goose, and duck calls.  Learn more online at


BTDOutdoors:  Staunton, VA.  Telephone: (888) HUNT-BTD
Flagship product is whitetail cover scent.  Also carries a line of calls (whitetail,
predators, etc.).  Visit online store at

Virginia Blade Company:  Lynchburg, VA.  Telephone: (434) 384-1282
High-quality, locally made knives in a variety of styles.  Shop online at

Old Stump Outdoors:  Powhatan, VA.
Ground blinds, treestand seat covers, and other camo products.  Available online

Capture Outdoors:  Bedford County, VA.  Telephone:  434-664-7163.
Habitat management, consulting products and service, and hunting gear.  Visit
them at
order your copy of Chasing Silver